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Your defense needs our knowledge of the system

When we represent you in a criminal case, you benefit from 40 years of legal experience in the courts of North Jersey and New York. Because every jurisdiction has its own rhythm and way of doing things, our insider knowledge of the legalities and personalities in this territory gives you an advantage when we defend you.

Greene & Millinger have the legal experience to defend your rights in a broad range of situations where criminal charges are pending against you. We will pursue the best possible outcome in your particular case, including DUI or DWI, theft, drug, assault, and harassment.

We have numerous means to help you

If a tangled situation can be sorted out to your benefit, then we'll cut out the unnecessary drama for you and cut to the chase. We understand you want to get on with your life, and if we see an opportunity to resolve a matter on the upside for you, we can make it happen.

You'll get our knack for cutting the red tape

  • DUI or DWI

  • Domestic violence

  • Theft

  • Drug possession

  • Traffic violations

  • Assault or harassment

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